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Become a BeastID webmaster
BeastID is the newest and fastest growing beast Verification Service (AVS) on the net, providing Webmasters with protection and huge opportunities for profits. BeastID has developed a complete system of adult verification, identification number assignment and a lucrative income earning opportunity for Webmasters.

BeastID Make it Easy:
Installing the BeastID System is extremely simple. First you fill out the webmaster’s application form. You are given a master Username and Password, then you may enter the Admin and begin adding your sites.

People You Can Trust:
Behind BeastID is a crew of "old" bestiality webmasters, we know the market and the market know us. We have been working in this niche for years, that's why you can trust us because we know what we do. All our affiliate programs have a proven track record of reliability, stability, and trust in the Adult Internet Industry. We do the best to give our webmasters all the help we can, because when you make money we do to.

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